Arun Kumar

An Engineer by profession , I am working in the area of Information Technology since long time.

Developer of | one of the website of its kind.
Email: [email protected]

Following my passion, I have started this website Here at this website, I share articles related to Technology especially Information Technology related content. I am trying to put most of those articles based on my experience and which I have practically done. These are tried and tested methods which have been placed on my website. I have keen interest to learn more and more about WordPress, various themes, plugins, SEO and digital Marketing & Web Technology. Recently, I have acquired certificate of achievement for successful completion of The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification exam from Google. 

Main aim of this website is to share my knowledge related to Information Technology and Internet Marketing and to learn about various topics. It’s a hidden truth that once you start writing about anything a lot of research needs to be done to write any article on any topic.

Keep on visiting my website. I shall try to upload posts on various articles frequently in the days to come.